Coronet Pageant Queens

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nat'l Miss Heart of Gold Supreme Princess Deanna Teat

We were so happy to receive this formal portrait!! There's a golden heart inside this golden haired young lady for sure. She's such a caring member of her large family. She makes cards for sick children, despite having some times of illness herself. And she's involved in community programs to make a difference.

Queen Pam and Master Sweetheart Luke!

We have some temporary photos of Nat'l Ms. Heart of the Home, Pam Teat and Nat'l Little Master Sweetheart Luke!!!
Pam is an incredibly busy wife and mom. She has some children with special health needs and is always on the go keeping her family as happy and healthy as she is able. No matter the circumstance she has an upbeat attitude.
Master Luke is all boy and always on the go. He never lets anything hold him back and has a heart full of courage. He's a sweetie as well as a Master Sweetheart! :-)
New photos asap..

Former Queen Rachel has exciting news!!

Former Coronet's Nat'l Miss Heart of America, Rachel Bettendorf, has been asked to play a set at the FL House of Blues at their Sunday Gospel Brunch! We send her heaps of congratulatory smiles and our best wishes!!

Queen Madi's Adventures!

Queen Madi has been so busy with her job as Youth Advocate for the ADA (see link under her photo to the right). I'm sharing a couple of photos of her to show the important people she has met. :-) That's Crystal Bowersox at the mike. I think you'll know the other two!
She's been in San Diego and in Orlando. And she's had time to be a Counselor in Training at Camp Possibilities!! Way to go, Queen Madi!!