Coronet Pageant Queens

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Queen Madi's Johnson and Johnson video

We want to share a link to a Johnson and Johnson site where you'll find a video of Madi that will leave you so impressed! (Mom did a good job, too! :-)
We'll let Madi's mom, Wendy, tell it in her own words:

Hi All~
As some of you know, Madi had the great opportunity to work with Johnson & Johnson on a story they were doing for their annual report on the PING insulin delivery system that she uses to help control her diabetes. The interviewer, the photo crew and the film crew came to our house and followed Madi through a day of school and her Broadway Bound classes after school. The finished products (video) are now available on their website if you are interested in seeing them. When you go to the link, if you scroll over the small photo of Madi and Blizzard, it will show you a link to read the story from the annual report or watch the video. It was a great experience:) I hope you enjoy~

I want to point out that on my computer, I scrolled over a small photo of Madi that said Girl on the Go underneath and then I did click on see the video. The video you want is Girl on the Go. This also discusses Madi's volunteer work for The American Diabetes Association, her incredible fundraising, her award from American Girl. There is SO MUCH about Madi that we haven't mentioned here, yet. What an INCREDIBLE YOUNG LADY SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Queen Madi is honored by Levy Court

Nat'l Miss Heart of Gold Madi was honored at the Kent County Levy Courthouse for winning the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for Delaware. Also honored was Miss Delaware Galen Giaccone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking for our next Nat'l Ms. Heart of the Home

The Nat'l Ms. Heart of the Home title is for the woman whose primary focus has been the home. Whatever your work status, do you invest a great deal of time in your home and family? Do you still find time to volunteer in the community, making it a better place for all families? We know it's hard to compete in traditional Ms. pageants if you have spent time as a stay-at-home wife and mother. Tell us how you have made contributions to your community while remaining primarily focused on your home life and you have an EXCELLENT chance of earning a national title.
The announcement is planned for Mother's Day, 2009.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Queen Madison Dodge's official photo

Here's Madi Dodge's beautiful official portrait as Coronet's Nat'l Miss Heart of Gold!
We're SOOO proud of this accomplished, beautiful, and caring young woman.
We wish her the best of luck as she goes to Washington, D.C. with her Prudential Spirit of Community project. She certainly deserved the state level award and we think she'd be a great choice for a National award.

Scroll down to earlier posts to learn more about Madi, to find some links about her awards, and to learn about our other Queens.

Other photos of Queen Madi

Before we post Queen Madi's official portrait we want to share some of her other accomplishments. Here's Madi in The Sound of Music, Madi as ADA's Eastern Shore Teen Ambassador, Madi after a talent show
( hear her at ),
and Madi and her Mom enjoying another of her titles.