Coronet Pageant Queens

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Coronet's Nat'l Miss Heart of America, Madi Dodge, is the ADA Youth Advocate

We welcome back Madison Dodge to our royal family, this time with the title of Coronet's Nat'l Miss Heart of America.
This recent news from Queen Madi is so exciting! I will use Madi's mother's own words to explain:
"Yesterday Evening Madi received a call to tell her that she has been chosen as the American Diabetes Association’s 2011 National Youth Advocate! The application process for this is rigorous with numerous essays, a portfolio of work for the ADA, letters of recommendation and a video project. Madi has applied each year since she was 9. She has been the youth/teen ambassador for Delaware/Eastern Shore and a Delaware Advocate for years… all in preparation for what has been a major goal of hers… to serve as the National Youth Advocate!

In this one year position Madi will work in close coordination with the ADA to communicate diabetes advocacy message through Nation-wide speaking engagements, the internet, social media and directly to policymakers. She will meet with elected officials about funding, health care and discrimination policies. She will attend training and National Advocacy meetings in DC. She will travel throughout the country to ADA Camps to teach and hopefully inspire children with diabetes… This is the part that she is MOST excited about!"

Madi herself puts it this way:
"You know how I applied for the National Youth Advocate? Well.......
I WAS CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited!!!!! I have worked at this for 8 years and now I'm finally old enough and now I get to travel all over the country and be a spokesperson and advocate for the ADA..."

The photo shows Madi with her individual and team fundraising trophies from the Step Out Walk.

Madison Dodge we tip our tiaras to you!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 Nat'l Miss Heart of Gold is International!

We are so proud to announce Coronet's Nat'l Miss Heart of Gold 2011, Miss Kylee Black, of Taupo, New Zealand.
Kylee is the founder of Spirit Sparkplugs, a self funded ministry of encouragement for people facing a wide range of illnesses and challenging life circumstances. Check out her site at
Queen Kylee, you are an amazing young woman with a remarkable spirit!!
Kylee's new crown and sash will be on the way soon.