Coronet Pageant Queens

Friday, April 30, 2010

Queen Rachel and Bandit teach kindness

Nat'l Miss Heart of America 2010 Queen, Rachel Bettendorf, took her trained dog, Bandit, to visit schoolchildren and teach them about being kind to animals. They visitied 2 different schools, 12 different classes and taught over 130 children about animal cruelty. One of the classrooms was that of Queen Rachel's sister, Lisa. Big brother, David, helped teach this important lesson.
We know you've made a difference, Queen Rachel, and we salute you, your siblings, and Bandit!

Update on 09 Queen Madi

We're happy to update that 09 Queen Madi is doing well, having had good results from her many tests and scans. Such great news!
We also want to share a link to Delaware Today which featured Madi and her volunteer projects:

You continue to amaze us, Queen Madi!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Official Portraits of Queen Shawn!

We have just received these beautiful photos of Nat'l Ms Heart of Gold 2010, Shawn Cunningham!
Click on Shawn's photo at the right to connect to her blog!